European Migration

European Migration, Minorities and PrejudicesSocrates – Comenius, Action 1 (European Educational Project)

Project Information

January 1999
February 1999
Preparatory Conference - Herford:

- Photographs

August 1999
Start of the Comenius, Action 1 Project 

September 1999
Production of a CD-ROM
October 1999
Workshop at Z.S.M Pabianice:

- Photographs

Plzen Students visit Jewish Synagogues in Prague

February 2000
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Conference at HHC Rochdale:

- Communique
- Photographs

June 2000


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Conference at WNB Herford:

- Communique
- Website proposals:
- "Blue" version
- "European map" version
- existing version
- Newspaper articles:
        -Herforder Kreisblatt, 27. Juni 2000
        - Neue Westfälische, 27. Juni 2000
- Badajoz's documents:
         - Tasks done from February
         - Objectives for next year
         - Proposals for the project

August 2000
Start of the 2nd year.
September 2000
Lecture by the Herford Group on the trip to Auschwitz at International Holocaust Conference (Weimar/Buchenwald, Germany)
Octobre 2000
Lecture on EMMP-Project at German Archive Conference (Nuernberg)
February 2001
Czech-German Workshop on Jewish Minority (Plsen, Czech Republic) 

- Photographs

March 2001
June 2001
Herford Group Teaching Online Prize awarded – Special Prize “Learning Against Right Violence”

June 2001
EMMP Conference at Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale / UK
August 2001
Start of the 3rd year
November 2001 Online chat between teachers and students from Plzen/CZ, Herford/ DE, Rochdale/UK and Pabianice/Pl 
December 2001 Pinboard discussion on Afgnanistation and the reaction among the people in the different countries
March 2002
Spanish-German workshop on migration
Report by Stefanie Hentschel and Annika Ullrich
March 2002
Herford Group takes part in Flemish-German Conference “Tolerance and Diversity 2002” in Antwerp/Belgium
Press Statement (Press Article, Neue Westfälische, 26th March, 2002)
May 2002
Badajoz Group has become awardwinner: CULTURAS 2002. Award by the Extremadura Commitee against Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance. 

June 2002
Final Conference at Wilhelm-Normann-BerufskollegHerford

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